5 Jobs That AI Will NOT Take Over!

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5 Jobs That AI Will NOT Take Over!

5 Jobs That AI Will NOT Take Over! – On the last article, we talked about 5 jobs that AI will definitely take over but today we’ll talk about 5 jobs that AI cannot replace.


The first job that AI cannot take over is teachers. Being a teacher requires trust, compassion and empathy. A teacher needs to be able to understand their students emotionally to be able to guide them in their future. A teacher’s job is not just to teach them a certain curriculum but it’s also to make sure that they end up being decent human beings and that’s very difficult to replicate using a robot.

Robots are already being used in schools but not in place of teachers but rather as facilitators. A school in Victoria recently started using robots in their classrooms. Grade five programming students were responsible for programming the robot to interact with kindergarten students at the school.

Whilst robots can be used as facilitators in teaching it’s very unlikely that they’re going to replace teachers all together.

Computer System Analyst

The second job that AI can’t take over is computer system analyst. So these are people that are responsible for implementing and improving computer systems in a particular organizations. So they need to be able to figure out exactly what the business requirements of those organizations are and adapt the computer system to their needs and they’ll also be the ones responsible for installing ai systems in the future in workplaces.

Computer system analysts also ensure that once the system is installed they take care of the ongoing maintenance going into the future. There’s a 0.5 percent chance that this particular job will be automated so it’s safe to say that computer system analysts is a secure career option for the future.


The third job or job category that is not at risk of being taken over by ai are creatives. So this includes musicians, painters, actors and anyone involved in the creative domain. There’s something so human about creativity. We value music made by a talented pianist and art made by a depressed painter because of the emotions that go into making that art.

The emotions are the soul of the art and it doesn’t make sense to me to value art created by an AI. In one of my earlier articles I talked about the uses of AI in art and that there’s already algorithms out there that are painting like humans. the first AI made painting was sold for a whopping $432 500. Now that’s a huge sum for an art piece that was made by robot but i don’t think that trend is going to keep going.

So i would conclude that creatives have a very low chance of being automated considering art is made for humans and humans will always be around to appreciate it.


The fourth profession that AI can’t take over is that of a CEO. A chief executive officer is responsible for a lot of complex problem solving and strategic thinking they need to be on top of many moving pieces and yet have a high emotional intelligence to understand their employees and think about their needs these things are very hard for robots to process let alone replicate.

Similar jobs that involve close human interaction in complex strategic roles such as that of a diplomat and economist are also safe from being taken over by AI.

Social Workers and Counsellors

The final job that is at a low risk of being taken over by AI are social workers and counsellors. Similar to teachers social workers and counsellors need a high emotional intelligence to perform well at their jobs and not to mention that social workers and counselors are predominantly there to help human beings with their human problems and that is very hard for robots to understand. That wraps up five jobs that AI will not take over.


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