5 Uses of AI in Healthcare!

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5 Uses of AI in Healthcare!

5 Uses of AI in Healthcare! – Today we’re going to cover five uses of AI in healthcare. So let’s get started.

Medical Imaging

The first use of AI in healthcare is medical imaging. Tools such as CT scans, MRI scans and x-rays are used to diagnose cancers and tumors. Once the scans are done, radiologists review the images for signs of diseases. So it’s not hard to see how useful an AI can be. An AI algorithm can easily be fed images labeled by radiologists and it can easily excel radiologists at finding cancers.

In one research, it was shown that a neural network was 99% accurate at diagnosing a cancer as opposed to 38 percent accuracy achieved by doctors. So this can lead to a reduction in error and an increase in early detection of cancers therefore saving many lives.

Preliminary Diagnosis

The second use of AI in healthcare is for preliminary diagnosis. Currently doctors in the emergency departments and GP clinics are overworked and fatigued. Therefore this leads to more errors in patient diagnosis. One of the ways to reduce this error is through using an AI assistant. Imagine when the patient books an appointment they also submit a list of symptoms they’re experiencing.

Using these symptoms the AI engine behind the scenes can make a couple of pre diagnoses and send them straight to the doctor. So the doctor knows exactly what to expect before even seeing the patient. The AI assistant can successfully reduce the risk of misdiagnosis. Currently there’s a company called Babylon health that’s implementing just this.

Discovering New Medicines

The third use of AI in healthcare is for discovering new medicines. Currently it can cost up to 2.6 billion dollars to discover and develop new treatments. A pharmaceutical company recently used an AI powered drug discovery tool to sift through up to 240 million compounds in order to create new medicines. The AI algorithm also works to minimize drug interactions that the new treatment could have with other medicines.

The use of this tool can drastically cut down the time to discover and develop a medicine by five folds, reducing it from five years to 12 months.

AI Assisted Surgeries

The fourth use of AI in healthcare is for AI assisted surgeries. Currently AI is used to monitor the movements of surgeons during the course of a complex surgery. This can drastically reduce the chances of a mishap as the AI is able to alert if the surgeon is about to do something out of norm. This is particularly useful as some surgeries could last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.

Virtual Nursing Assistants

The fifth use of AI in healthcare is Virtual Nursing Assistants. This is especially useful for patients that have recently been discharged or patients that require home care. The virtual assistant would be accessible through an app on the phone, it would conduct daily check-ins with the patients and answer any of their questions. It would then go ahead and feed all of that information back to the hospital.

The hospital can provide ongoing care without the need for hospital visits.



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