Amazon Redshift Launches Pause and Resume

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Amazon Redshift Launches Pause and Resume

Amazon Redshift Launches Pause and Resume – From this week Amazon Redshift now supports the ability to pause and resume a cluster which will allow you to easily suspend on demand billing while your Redshift cluster is not being used. This means if you have a cluster being used for development, you can pause your compute billing and you’ll only be charged for the clusters storage, saving you money and giving you flexibility in managing your cluster operating costs.

Next up, we have Dynamo DB where you’re now able to update your global tables from version 2017 1129 to the latest version of 2019 1121 with just a few clicks of the Dynamo DB console. Why is this important? Well. By updating your global tables, you can actually increase the availability of them by extending them into additional AWS regions. With no table rebuilds required.

There’s no cost for the update and you will also benefit from improved, replicated right efficiencies too. Awesome. Now for our Amazon managed Cassandra service news, it’s now available in preview for 18 AWS regions. MCS is an open source distributed no SQL database, which is proven to excel when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. It’s used in over 1500 companies like Netflix, Reddit, Instagram, and GitHub.

So if you’re interested, I suggest you check it out. Now let’s check out some quick fire updates. Amazon VPC flow logs now support resource tagging and tag on create. Amazon elastic search service announces support for elastic search version 7.4. Amazon Connect adds phone numbers in 12 new countries. Amazon S3 adds tagging support for S3 batch operations jobs, AWS App Mesh launches support for end to end encryption and AWS AppConfig announces integration with Amazon S3.


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