Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care in Canada

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Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care in Canada

Artificial Intelligence Meets Health Care in Canada – In twenty-seventeen, Canadian companies spent close to nine hundred million dollars specifically on pharmaceutical research and development activities. In the Edmonton Region, DynaLIFE an industry-leading medical laboratory testing company has joined forces with AltaML, a dynamic tech startup, to produce AI applications that can diagnose cancers earlier and with more accuracy than ever before.

We spoke with Jason Pincock, CEO of DynaLIFE and Cory Jansson co-founder of AltaML to hear how their partnership in Canada will help save lives around the world. “DynaLIFE is a medical lab testing company. What we do everyday is take that order from your doctor that sais I want to check on you and provide that information back to you and your clinician. We help guide your path through healthcare.

We established a really exciting partnership with a local group called AltaML and we realize as we move through this technology curve in healthcare, we were going to need new tools and non-traditional tools.” “Our mission at AltaML is to use the power of applied A.I. to elevate humanity. We believe that ML can be used to create tools to really help people make better decisions and frankly to just improve their lives.”

“If the job of my team here and my fourteen-hundred people are to try and find the needle, which you can look at as cancer cells or anything like that, in a haystack of tissue and our bodies, imagine if we could actually teach artificial intelligence and machine learning to just bring us all the needles, because it’s the needles we really want to look at. It’s (with) the needles that we’re trying to identify what’s going on with this patient is this cancer, is this not cancer and what do we do with it.”

Canada is considered a hotbed for A.I. and machine learning technology. It is home to over six-hundred and fifty A.I. companies, academic and government labs for testing and a great deal of talent. We spoke with Eli Fathi, CEO at Mindbridge A.I. about the success and future of A.I. tech in Canada. “To build a big company you need three things. Access to capital, access to market, access to talent.

Canada offers all of that. We’re already seeing companies from around the world that are setting up research and development, this is the big four, if it’s Facebook, if it is Google, all of them are moving here and having access to this kind of talent pool in the eco-system is really important if you want to create the next big company.


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