Bottlerocket in Public Preview!

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Bottlerocket in Public Preview!

Bottlerocket in Public Preview! – AWS announced the public preview of a new operating system which is purpose built for running containers and it’s called Bottlerocket. So it’s a lean Linux-based operating system, including only the minimum software required to run Docker containers.

And by including only the essential software, this is going to avoid complex dependencies which can sometimes happen with a general purpose Linux build. And this is definitely going to make software updates on container instances much easier.

So it’s in preview right now and you can get started by using the bottle rocket AMI. And at the moment it’s only supported for Elastic Kubernetes Service, but we are expecting them to announce support for Elastic Container Service very soon.

You can now register for the new AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam. So this is a new certification designed to validate your skills in four distinct domains, which are database design, deployment, migration, management and operations, monitoring, troubleshooting and security. And this is a great one to do if you’re currently performing a database focused role and they do recommend you have at least five years experience with common database technologies and at least two years hands on with AWS before taking the exam.

AWS WAF now supports Anonymous IP list for AWS Managed Rules and if you haven’t used WAF before, it’s a web application firewall which allows you to block, monitor or allow web traffic based on conditions that you define.

For example, IP address and HTTP headers. And with Anonymous IP list you can now block users who attempt to hide their identity or geographic location as well as block malicious traffic originating from bots using anonymous networks.


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