Can AI Help You Run Better?

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Can AI Help You Run Better?

Can AI Help You Run Better? – Let’s kick it off with an individualized learning profile for students. In my opinion today’s education system is broken. It biases hugely towards bookish learning and it severely disadvantages students who would prefer to learn in other ways such as audio video or books.

So imagine if lectures and lessons in universities and schools could be done in three of those forms: audio, video and books. So students could pick and choose exactly how they’d like to learn and progress at their own pace.

The second idea is that of a compact gym travel kit. Whenever I’m traveling I find it hard to train and I get sick of using the gyms at the hotel they almost always never have the equipment I need so what if you could have a portable gym kit and from that I don’t mean those gym kids that just have bands I mean an extremely extensive gym kit which could have up to a hundred equipments that you could pick and choose from and that would have to be portable and usable.

Third idea is related to converting a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. I often meet people that are so brainwashed into believing that fixed mindset is the only way forward. That we are born intelligent, that we’re born athletic, that we’re born a certain way to achieve certain things and that’s utterly false. So I propose that we have an educational course that can change the fixed mindset to a growth mindset and that could be in a form of a lifelong course that you have to go through phases.

So phase one could be at the age of eighteen phase two could be at the age of twenty five and so on so forth and this program could be implemented by the government because there’s a huge benefit of your workplace being filled with people with growth mindset and that can lead to benefits in productivity your population could be a lot more enlightened and a lot more open-minded.

The fourth idea is that of a dry shower chamber. There are obvious downsides to the usual showers we take. It wastes a lot of water and it’s generally bad for the environment. What if you could have a dry shower chamber which would give you a warmth of a hot shower as well as the hygiene of one.

And the first thing it does is spray you with a disinfectant powder then the second step is spraying you with hot steam which melts that disinfectant off your body. Then in under a minute you step outside and wipe yourself off. Sure you’re foregoing the luxury of normal hot showers but you’re saving the environment.

The final idea is a sports biomechanics correction software. When you are runner or a golfer, it’s extremely hard to correct your form without hiring an instructor and those instructors can be hugely expensive. So imagine if you could record yourself running or swinging a shot and then upload it to this software which will then go ahead and analyze your form and give you recommendations on what to change and this software would be powered by an AI algorithm.

This AI software would have learned from countless examples of professionals displaying perfect biomechanics.



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