Data Crowdsourcing

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Data Crowdsourcing

Hi everyone! Last time we are talking about data being crucial element for many businesses and that one of the optiony how to get data is to crowdsource it. So what is this data crowdsourcing? Imagine that you need for example users browsing data for your analytics. With data crowdsourcing you can go directly to users get their real consent and pay them for the data they are sharing with you.

So how would it work? You need two things: you need the data unions framework and the integration that is specific to the application or device that you need to data from. For example in our case when you need browsing data the integration would be browser plug-in living in a web browser.

Streamr Data Unions framework allows then mass of users to sell their data in the same format and quality. Which means that you as data buyer can buy data from thousands of users in the same format and quality. How cool is that? Also you need to distribute funds for purchased data between thousands of users on the Ethereum blockchain.

You don’t want to spend a fortune on transaction fees and using using a separate transaction for every user is not a really good option. Data Union contains monoplasma – this Streamr monoplasma lets you pay a large number of people with only single Ethereum on-chain transaction. This approach is not limited to browsing data. You can crowdsource people’s health data from their fitness trackers, data from IoT sensors or data from any application or device that has an accessible API.

Let me know what you think – how would you use this framework And what data do you need down in the comments.


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