How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Kids Better Learners

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Kids Better Learners

A lot of people are interested in “how can humans use artificial intelligence” to learn better, learn faster to have an assistant on the side where you actually would be maybe going to university together with your artificial intelligence assistant and you would learn about each other while you’re going to university.

There’s really interesting research now that shows for example a doctor who is trying to diagnose a medical condition, if you have an artificial intelligence listening to the process, the artificial intelligence is able to more accurately diagnose the medical condition, but only if it gets to listen to the doctor talk to the patient.

One of the things that’s really holding back a lot of the very innovative new solutions are and then and this is not specific to Mena, but I think it also applies here is an education system that was designed for a time that looked very different from the world today, so I think we should challenge a lot of those assumptions and maybe relax the rules a little bit.

Companies all over the world are reporting that they can’t find the right talent and the skills that they’re looking for actually creativity, you know people who are continuous lifelong learners, people who can collaborate with others and for a number of reasons our education system isn’t really emphasizing those things.

A lot of people at good universities develop those skills but not, it’s almost like by accident it’s through experiences. you know sitting around a table with other people being in a new context, becoming curious about a new problem, but the education system should support these kinds of experiences much more and so I think employers are starting to demand it and I think parents are starting to realize that their kids are happier and the kids are better learners if they’re in an environment where they have more freedom and their curiosity is supported.

There are some really great technologies that kids can use to be creators with technology there’s a project out of the Media Lab actually called scratch, where young children can use a block-based computer programming language to make stories and games, and there are over 12 million kids have signed up from all over the world and they are making projects and its really incredible to see them share stories with each other and help each other so there are lots of opportunities like that, there’s another project out of the Media Lab where parents started a new school.

It’s okay to not follow the rules you know follow your passion, and then also no one’s Joey eat oh it was the director he said no one’s ever won the Nobel Prize for following the rules, and he’s right so we’re hoping to create environments for people who don’t who want to follow their own rules

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