My opinion on two Tesla master plans (second one is related to data). Do you agree or not?

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My opinion on two Tesla master plans (second one is related to data). Do you agree or not?

Hi everyone. Today I want to share with you my opinion on two different Tesla master plans because I find it very interesting what they have done and there is a lot to learn from it too. So Elon Musk always seems to have some kind of master plan when planning the company strategy in different areas one of them was his plan how to scale production of electric cars and how to fund it.

Tesla has started with high price low volume sports car the Tesla Roadster, then used the earnings to develop still high price but also higher volume premium sedan and SUV and then use the earnings from these to develop more affordable model 3 that is also produced in much much higher volumes. So this master plan was quite straightforward.

Second, much more interesting master plan is related to data. If you want to develop autonomous driving, you need a huge amount of driving data to train your machine learning algorithms and to test them and sourcing this data from simulation is not enough because you need data from the real world to capture all the different variety of situations out there.

What other companies developing autonomous driving are doing is that they have built a special fleet of let’s say 100 cars or less and then they pay professional drivers to drive these cars around and collect data from these cars. What Tesla has done is they have put the hardware needed for autonomous driving into every car since the Model S and it doesn’t matter if the customer has purchased this autopilot or not.

Can you imagine that? Other OEMs are trying to save every dollar or even every cent when they are making the car and Tesla puts very expensive hardware that the customers even didn’t even order into the car. Why did they do that? every car with this hardware is collecting data while driving, even when the autopilot is not engaged. As of today there is nearly 1 million of Tesla cars driving around and collecting data that Tesla can use to develop their autopilot and also autonomous driving.

So other companies have data from best case hundreds of cars. Tesla has data from nearly 1 million of cars and for machine learning is true the more data you have and the more different cases your data is covering the better solution you can get with your trained model. So in my opinion if someone will manage to deliver autonomous driving, then it will be Tesla because of their master plan to equip all the cars with autonomous driving hardware and collect data from all of them. So let me know, what do you think, do you agree?

Does your company have a master plan? I’m looking forward to your answers down in the comments below.


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