The AI Technology Revolution

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The AI Technology Revolution

The AI Technology Revolution – Over the past few millennia, humanity has gone though several major technological revolutions. Around 10,000 years ago, we entered the agricultural revolution. This revolution lead to new agricultural technologies like farming, the plow, and the wheel. As a result, agricultural societies spread from the cradle of civilization to the ends of the Earth.

Around 250 years ago, we entered the industrial revolution. This revolution lead to new industrial technologies like steam power, the factory, and electricity. As a result, industrial societies flourished and spread across the globe. Less than 100 years ago, we entered the information revolution. This revolution lead to new information technologies like telecommunications, electronic computers, and digital information.

As a result, high-tech societies prospered as they spread across the globe and into cyberspace. With each of these technology revolutions, human society was radically transformed over a relatively short period of time. With each revolution we saw a wellspring of new technologies that had never existed before. And with each revolution there were those who prepared and thrived in the new world and there were those who were unprepared and become redundant, unemployable, or obsolete.

Today we are entering the next major revolution in human history: the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Just like the previous technology revolutions, we will likely see a fundamental transformation of our economy, our society, and our world. We will likely see a wellspring of new AI-enabled technologies. And there some people who will prepare and thrive in the new world and others who will not prepare and will become redundant, unemployable, and obsolete.

The purpose of this brief course is to answer the following question:

“What should I do *today* to prepare for the coming wave of AI-enabled automation?”

What should you be doing right now to prepare as we enter the next major technology revolution?

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