Top 5 Biggest Chinese AI Companies

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Top 5 Biggest Chinese AI Companies

Welcome to top 5 China, you all voted in the community tab, so today we are talking about the top 5 biggest Chinese AI companies. You might not know, but China is on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and we wanted to look at some of the leading companies. So, let’s just jump right in with number 5.

Ping An

Starting us of is Ping An, it is one of China’s largest insurance companies, which might make you scratch your head, but recently they have been investing heavily in AI. Ping An Technology uses image recognition to assess the damage to the cars after an accident.

They are also looking into other applications including medicine where image recognition for X-rays is used for diagnosis, customer support where voice recognition is used to assess the customer’s mood, and even in music. Ping An’s AI music won first place award at the International AI Music Composition Competition hosted by Switzerland’s Federal Polytechnic School. Given the size of the company and their interest in AI, this makes them one of the biggest players.


Moving on to number 4 is DeePhi. This company is creating hardware and microchips for AI. We often think of the software involved with AI, but sometime overlook the hardware that is needed to run these super AIs. The software can only run as fast as the hardware will allow. So, DeePhi will launch its self developed deep learning SoC chip called Ting (听涛).

The company has received investments from US semiconductor product developer Xilinx, Alibaba’s financial arm Ant Financial, and from Samsung, one of the world’s largest chip maker. These new chips should allow for new software to run more smoothly on smartphones and computers and help us better utilize AI in the future.

The next 3 companies are all face recognition software companies, which have been particularly successful in China.


So, number 3 on our list is Cloudwalk. Guangzhou-based Cloudwalk started by supplying technology to border-control agents. Now 24 Chinese provinces employ its public-security solutions – facial recognition terminals and door entry – and it has had particular success supplying software to the banking industry. It recently signed a deal to export its capabilities to Zimbabwe, in order to build a national facial-recognition database; the first Chinese AI initiative in Africa.

Pushing into new areas, like 3D face-scanning, should ensure it continues to grow into the future. These types of AI systems are useful for governments and companies alike, which allow them to track employees or criminals.


Number 2 on the list is Face++, you might have heard of this company because it defeated 15 AI giants in computer vision competitions including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. The company now has users in more than 200 countries. Currently, face recognition technology is most commonly used in security and surveillance.

But Face++ is not stopping there. They want to integrate into video recognition, IoT, and robotics. The company has recently bought robotics company Aresbots and is developing a robot for Foxconn, the company notorious for manufacturing the iPhone.


Coming in at number one is SenseTime! It is the most valuable artificial intelligence startup in the world. On September 10, 2018, SenseTime received US $1b investment from Softbank China Venture Capital and raised its value to US $6b in capital.

The company owes its success to its talent—an area in which China still lags behind compared to developed countries. The company was founded by one of China’s most prominent AI scientists Prof. Tang Xiao’ou from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Favorable national policies to support AI development is another reason why the company has reached great heights.

Its products serve over hundreds of well-known companies and government agencies, across a wide range of industries including security, finance, smartphones, mobile Internet, robotics, and automobiles. So, there you have it, Chinese companies are working hard on creating interesting and useful AI products.

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